We have put together a few tips that you may consider when travelling:

  • 1
    Ensure you are dressed appropriately for the tour that you are participating in. Comfortable and enclosed shoes. It is suggested that you wear layers of clothing when travelling in Tasmania as the weather conditions can change quickly.
  • 2
    Always carry sun protection – hat, sunglasses, sunscreen. The UV rating in Tasmania is higher than other parts of Australia, which increases your risk of becoming sunburn.
  • 3
    Carry a lightweight waterproof jacket or umbrella.
  • 4
    Having a small amount of the local currency on hand. This can be handy if cash is the only option, and if you wish to tip a local for an excellent job.
  • 5
    Smile, this is very lightweight and will ensure you have an enjoyable day out.
  • 6
    Phone fully charged and phone charger with you. Those photos are needed to recall your wonderful time away from home.
  • 7
    Ensure that you pre-book all tours beforehand. The last thing you need is to miss that perfect tour or day trip.
  • 8

    Read the terms and conditions of all the tour operators to ensure that you know your responsibilities as a traveller.

  • 9
    Provide feedback to tour operators, this is the best way for improvements to be made if they are needed.
  • 10
    Ask questions. If unsure of anything, ask before booking. This will alleviate any disappointment with your tour or experience.